January 13, 2015

The Value of Case Management

Patient Management
, Claims Management

Over time, case management has developed a negative stigma, causing industry payors to often associate it with excessive dollar signs in the context of the claims continuum. It is commonly misunderstood as a service that generally employs one of two techniques:

1) Assigning a nurse to attend an injured worker’s doctor’s visits, or

2) A program add-on introduced after a case has been open for more than six months racking up even more spend.

In actuality, case management can be synonymous with savings – including decreasing appropriate care and reducing hospital readmissions – when utilized effectively.

In our latest whitepaper, CorVel discusses the crucial balance of care and cost, and the benefit of case management at the onset of an injury. With this proactive model, upfront costs can yield long-term savings by assisting injured workers to efficiently navigate care, and avoid unnecessary additional doctors’ visits, medical interventions and prescriptions that may arise later in the claims process that may not be obvious during the initial stages after a workplace injury occurs.

By establishing trust between the injured worker and case manager, coupled with an authentic patients-first philosophy, payors can see significant savings in spend.

To read more, download CorVel’s whitepaper “Balancing Care and Cost: The Value of Case Management."