February 03, 2015

The Case for Codification

Claims Management
, Cost Containment

As technology advances, our industry discovers increasingly greater intricacies within the data sets of workers’ compensation programs and the reach of analytic capabilities broadens.

As big data and data integration have emerged in the workers’ compensation and insurance industries, codification offers an innovative method to harness this information, channel it into efficient workflows, and essentially make the analytics and information work for industry payors.

While information in the format of freeform claim file notes provides a comprehensive look into a particular case, with today’s technology it can be considered an archaic means of effective program management. We know there is a better way to access information faster and with more ease. With codification technology, hundreds of thousands of freeform notes are organized into systematic code for claims information, events and countless other facets of information, allowing for seamless cross-communication across integrated platforms.

Codification redefines the “more is better” industry paradigm. More (as in quantity) may be better, but more (as in quality) is best. Through a codified model, we can have seemingly fewer notes and still provide more content within the claim file, including the smallest – and yet at times most imperative – details for a comprehensive report of its status.

Within our system, CorVel has identified and channeled information that is crucial to claims. Complex, proprietary algorithms link fields within the system so that where information is the same in multiple places, that information is updated across the entire system, not just in one area. The system also triggers flags when additional information may be needed based on a given field.

We believe the best solutions stem from the conscious efforts to leverage extensive data to best service industry payors. By facilitating collaboration between services, workflows, customers and technology, we create an active “ecosystem” providing our customers with actionable data to provide the most accurate, comprehensive picture of their program at any time.