November 10, 2015

Telehealth: Upgrade to Immediate Intervention

Claims Management
, Cost Containment

Technology is entering the healthcare industry at full force.

From major industry players like Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield adding telehealth as part of their program standards to its recent entry into workers’ compensation, telehealth is creating opportunity and access that can significantly improve the claims process for both injured workers and industry payors.

Risk & Insurance’s latest issue features CorVel in an article about telehealth and how the newly launched technology offers immediate care to the workers’ compensation industry.

Through telehealth, injured workers are put in touch with a doctor immediately to receive treatment, including a prescription or referral to physical therapy when needed. With today’s technology and mass presence of mobile devices, injured workers can be connected to providers instantaneously. While it is undeniable that early intervention offers significant health and savings benefits, emerging technology – and specifically telehealth – presents the capability for immediate intervention.

Read more about telehealth’s ability to enhance proactive care models in the article "Telehealth: The Wait is Over" in this month’s Risk & Insurance online edition.