April 19, 2016

Telehealth Connects Injured Worker with
Immediate Care

Claims Management
, Cost Containment
, Patient Management

Case Synopsis
A 20-year-old, female sales associate was cleaning a glass case at a national retailer when she cut her right finger. The employee notified her supervisor of the injury, who proceeded to call CorVel’s Advocacy 24/7 call center.

Due to the depth of the laceration, the 24/7 Advocacy nurse determined the injured worker should seek medical attention and connected her with a telehealth visit.

All initial information was collected by the triage nurse and updated in real time in CorVel’s system. The telehealth physician examined the injured worker’s finger via video chat on the employee’s cell phone. Based on the injured worker’s pain, the telehealth physician prescribed a bandage and over the counter antibacterial ointment. The physician also advised the injured worker to avoid submersing her finger in water for seven days.

The injured worker was able to return to work the same day, with precaution given to monitor the laceration site for any signs of infection.

Along with the physician’s visit notes, an image of the laceration and the injured worker’s treatment plan and return to work release were added to the claim file and immediately uploaded into CorVel’s online claims system. The 24/7 Advocacy nurse also called to follow up and check on the employee to make sure she was okay.

By utilizing telehealth services within CorVel’s model, injured workers can be connected with a physician after being screened by a 24/7 triage nurse. By recording an actual picture of the injury, the telehealth physician was able to make a diagnosis. 

Reducing medical lag times and initiating immediate intervention are some of the cornerstones to a successful claims management program. CorVel’s telehealth services offer injured employees immediate access to doctors via a computer, tablet or phone. As part of our proactive claims management model, telehealth eliminates travel and wait times, in addition to other costly delays, significantly reducing lag times from the moment an injury occurs. On demand, secure and cost efficient, telehealth offers benefits to both payors and injured employees.

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