March 29, 2016

Solutions for Today's Claims Management Pain Points

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It’s no surprise that people take different approaches to claims management. But successful programs often find similarities among their methodologies.

Dave Brown, Chief Claims Officer, participated in a panel for the first part of Marsh’s four-part workers’ compensation webcast series.  In addition to Brown, the panel also included Louis Noe, Senior Director, Risk & Insurance at Breakthru Beverage Group; Tom Ryan, Managing Director at Marsh; and Dennis Tierney, Senior Vice President at Marsh.

The group shared what they believed to be best practices for managing a claim from start to finish, and also addressed several pain points including safety training, timely reporting, investigations, return to work and Medicare Set-Asides.

Brown discussed many aspects of CorVel’s service offering throughout the webinar. One of the primary solutions discussed was the importance of immediate intervention when reporting workplace incidents and injuries.

When asked by Christopher Flatt, Workers’ Compensation Center of Excellence Leader at Marsh and the moderator of the panel, Brown did not hesitate with his response.

“The bottom line is that time equals money. The faster an injury is known, the sooner quality care can be established and delivered,” Brown said.

Brown also went on to say that while it may be an industry best practice to report a claim within two days, “a lot can go wrong in two days.” Self-referable hospital visits, an out-of-network doctor, and involvement of a lawyer can all take place during the critical hours after a workplace incident occurs.

That is why CorVel’s immediate intervention is crucial to the success of claims management programs, with benefits including faster return to work and reduced costs. CorVel’s program offers a nurse triage call center for their clients' employees, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the time of the incident, employees can call and speak with a registered nurse who will evaluate the nature of the incident or injury and determine the employee's immediate medical needs. At this time, the injured worker can also be referred to a telehealth doctor, which offers convenience and eliminates wait and travel times. By addressing the case when it first occurs, CorVel is able to provide quick and immediate care intervention, often helping to prevent a minor injury from becoming an expensive claim.

To hear more about CorVel’s industry leadership, and Brown’s take on best practices that can transform any workers’ compensation program, listen to the webinar in its entirety.

To learn additional information about CorVel’s Advocacy 24/7 program, visit their website.