October 12, 2016

Savings that Floored Stanley Steemer

Claims Management

Minor property damage claims – like doorstops ­– may seem relatively small in the scheme of a claims program, but they can actually make a big difference.

Prior to working with CorVel, minor property damage issues were not reported as claims and were instead resolved by friendly Stanley Steemer cleaning technicians and management before they left the customer’s home. For example, if a doorstop was accidentally damaged during a cleaning service, the cleaning technician would retrieve a new doorstop from a hardware store and install it before completing the work. Although customers were appreciative, Stanley Steemer wanted to prevent the accidents from occurring at all and also needed their technicians to move on to the next job for productivity purposes.

Together with CorVel, they developed a stratified approach to processing property damage claims.

Read about how Stanley Steemer was able to revamp their liability claims program in their case study. Despite their claims nearly doubling, their average incurred costs dropped nearly 40% and they were able to return over $100,000 in unused claim funds back to their sites.


Stanley Steemer is proud to be the first carpet cleaning service certified asthma and allergy friendly.