June 14, 2016

Prescription Exposure Discussed at APTA

, Network Solutions

Matt Engels, Vice President of Network Solutions at CorVel, presented today in conjunction with Mark Emmons, Director of Safety, Security and Training at IndyGo, at this year’s American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Risk Management Seminar.

The conference, which began Sunday, June 12 and runs through tomorrow, June 15, is specifically dedicated to Risk Management professionals involved in Transit Risk Management. This year’s seminar included discussions of safe driving standards, public transit benchmarking initiatives and how technology affects risk.

At the seminar, Engels discussed solutions to combat the rising costs of prescription medications in workers’ compensation. As pharmacy exposure continually increases, it is more important than ever to check that your program is effectively managed.

Engels encourages his clients to understand their total exposure when evaluating pharmacy spend. Payors should monitor every transaction from all dispensing channels including physician dispensers, third party services and alternate or mail order pharmacies.

In order to do this, a bill review platform that is fully integrated with a PBM is critical. With this platform, retrospective, out-of-network transactions can then be driven back into the program for prospective management.

Pharmacy Benefits Managers and integration with bill review and PPO networks are the keys to driving prospective management and yielding optimal results. By leveraging data and clinical outcomes, both payors and injured workers benefit.

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