March 15, 2016

New Option for Ohio Employers

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Effective as of March 2, a new insurance option simplifies workers’ compensation for Ohio employers with employees who work out of state. Under new coverage options, employees are protected in whichever states they are working. Previously, employers would have to manage multiple policies in the various states in which their employees were operating, which often had varying laws. Employers can now apply for this single coverage through policies issued by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) through a program with United States Insurance Services and Zurich Insurance.

BWC Administrator and CEO Steve Buehrer was quoted in an article about the subject on

"By contracting with insurers licensed in other states, BWC is able to ensure employers have proper coverage wherever they're operating. Addressing this longstanding concern of many Ohio employers is one of many steps we've taken at BWC over the last five years to ensure workers' comp is not a barrier to business expansion, inside and outside of the state."

In order to be eligible, the majority of the business must be in Ohio. BWC accepts applications from interested employers and determines eligibility, as well as the premium cost for the optional coverage. The policy will cover out-of-state exposures.

While BWC does provide coverage for employees working temporarily outside of Ohio, complications can arise when the injured worker files a claim in another state, according to Filing in another state can lead to lag time in treatment in addition to penalties for the business.

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