April 07, 2015

Medication Review Cuts Opioid Intake Nearly in Half

Cost Containment
, Pharmacy

Recology, a regional municipal waste disposal and recycling service provider, partnered with CorVel in 2012 for an integrated workers’ compensation and managed care program. One of Recology’s program challenges was overprescribing, so CorVel implemented a medication review program in early 2013.

The decision would save Recology millions of dollars through CorVel’s program, which examines an injured worker’s entire drug history to determine medical necessity, while also working with the treating physician to consider alternative medications and treatments to ensure best practices for pain management. Through effective management of medication usage and treatment plans appropriate to each injury, unnecessary medical costs were avoided and Recology experienced impressive savings.

To find out how much Recology saved, and to see how one injured worker decreased opioid intake by 47% through CorVel’s medication review program.