June 23, 2015

Telehealth Gaining Ground in Work Comp Arena

Claims Management
, Patient Management

In a new article by the staff writers of the Louisiana Comp Blog, “Telemedicine Gaining Ground in Comp Arena,” telemedicine is examined as it begins to enter into the workers’ compensation industry. The article reviews the benefits for both payors and claimants.

David Lupinsky, CorVel’s Vice President of Medical Review Services, is featured in the article:

David Lupinsky, Vice President of Medical Review Services at CorVel, spoke with Louisiana Comp Blog about the rise of telemedicine and the company’s initiative to incorporate more telemed in its claims management program – including through the use of a claimant smartphone app.

The company, which is looking to launch the project with its current customer base by August 2015, believes the offering will only enhance the claimant experience, while also improving efficiency. “There are a lot of places for the use of telemedicine,” Lupinsky said. “We’re planning on offering it for those musculoskeletal injuries where we can say, ‘You can either go to a brick and mortar clinic and here’s the name of that and directions, or, we can connect you to a physician right now.’”

Part of the challenge CorVel’s team has faced in the development of the program and associated app is the differing state laws and regulations surrounding the telemedicine industry, as evidenced by the Teladoc case.

For his part, Lupinsky believes that prescribing practices through telemedicine are acceptable where they are, explaining, “We have to look at the medical necessity for this medium. It’s illegal under federal law for doctors to prescribe controlled substances over telemedicine, but as long as there is low potential for abuse, [for the drugs they can prescribe] I think having them prescribe easily is a good thing.”

Overall, Lupinsky expects the introduction of telemed into CorVel’s range of services to be a valuable endeavor, and “a logical progression” from the company’s current 24/7 nurse triage program. “Right now, we’re estimating that these telemedicine visits are going to cost 30 to 40 percent less than a brick and mortar visit, not included in that is the other expenses too, like mileage,” he said. “We also expect faster treatment, less disability durations, and a higher level of patient satisfaction through this new avenue for treatment.”


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