June 09, 2015

How the Nevada Senate Bill Will Affect Physician Dispensing

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Nevada signed a new bill into law which will limit the dispensing of medications by providers other than pharmacies and hospitals. It will take effect on January 1, 2016

Summary of Nevada Senate Bill 231

  • A provider (not including a pharmacist or hospital) may dispense only an initial 15-day supply of a Schedule II or III controlled substance to an injured worker.
  • The provider must include the original manufacturer’s National Drug Code for the drug on all bills and reports submitted to the insurer.
  • An insurer is required to pay or deny a bill within 45 days after receipt.
  • The injured employee is not to receive compensation whenever an injury occurs to the employee while the employee is intoxicated or under the influence

Other Things to Know

What Does This Mean to Nevada Employers/Payors?

The new bill aims to reduce pharmacy spend attributed to physician dispensing and will contribute to better management efforts.

How CorVel Can Help?

Partnering with a trusted entity to support you with reporting requirements is crucial for the success of your program. CorVel continues to support our customers in meeting these reporting obligations as well as innovative pharmacy solutions.  

For additional assistance, contact a CorVel representative, or visit www.leg.state.nv.us.