May 10, 2017

How Arizona Saved Millions

Claims Management
, Cost Containment

Government Technology Magazine highlighted four ways Arizona’s management systems are improving their state processes and saving millions of dollars. Working with CorVel to implement immediate intervention and efficient workflow processes is one of the four ways that has delivered significant results for the State.

Arizona Department of Administration’s (ADOA) Risk Management Division implemented changes to their workers’ compensation program in June 2015 with CorVel.  

Previously, claims were reported via a voice-activated system to report an injury, which would often lead to a lag time. Averaging seven days between when the injury was reported and when it was recorded within the computer system, this lag time ultimately disrupted care. Additionally, state staffers and insurance adjusters would at times have to make decisions about medical care.

“ADOA’s success can be attributed to the strength of our partnership and understanding the needs of ADOA,” said Brian Ventre, Area Vice President at CorVel.

By partnering with CorVel, ADOA saved $1 million in fiscal 2016 and projects an additional annual savings of $1 million during the next four fiscal years, according to the article. ADOA implemented CorVel’s immediate intervention program, featuring the ability for injured workers to speak with a live triage nurse to counsel injured workers. They also launched utilization review to assist adjusters with medical decisions and early return to work, according to Ventre.

Since implementation, the percentage of injured workers referred to the emergency room has dropped over 66% and the State can access claims information within two hours.

In addition, ADOA will experience an additional $450,000 in annual productivity savings because employees are able to return to work faster.

“The confidence and trust ADOA has placed with CorVel directly resulted in a positive impact on all ADOA injured workers and a significant reduction in taxpayer dollars going to the workers’ compensation program,” Ventre said.

To learn more about CorVel’s offerings in Arizona, visit their website.

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