June 29, 2016

CorVel Celebrates Milestone

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CorVel rang the NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell in New York City earlier this morning commemorating their 25th anniversary as a public company being listed on the stock exchange. During the past 25 years, CorVel has grown revenues at a compounded growth rate of 10% a year and has averaged 23% return on equity.

Scroll down for some CorVel facts and tidbits over the years as well as some snapshots from New York.

Read CorVel’s CEO Gordon Clemons’ 2015 reflection in his annual Year in Review.

CorVel was founded in 1987 originally under the name “FORTIS” through the merger of three vocational companies.


In 1991, CorVel became a publicly held company and revenues exceeded $46 million in 1992.


Last year, the company’s revenues were $504 million. Learn more in CorVel’s 2016 Annual Report.


“Some ask if this is a business or a passion. A business it is, but business will not take our measure, for passion wills the endurance to find our tomorrows.” – Gordon Clemons, CorVel Chairman and CEO