June 02, 2015

Reduction in Lag Time Equals Savings

Claims Management
, Patient Management

A recent NCCI report examined the relationship between lag time for reporting claims and claims costs. It is becoming an industry standard that the sooner you can report a claim, the better. Action at the onset of the claim not only enters the claim into the system sooner, it also has several positive side effects.

Benefits include more claims treated with self-care, less incidents filed as claims, and in many instances, less medical interventions are needed.

Trillium Staffing Solutions is an employment service specializing in staffing, training, testing, on-site services, human resources and safety consulting to over 5,000 companies nationally. Using CorVel’s Advocacy 24/7 program, they were able to increase the number of workplace incidents that were treated with self-care, resulting in significant savings.

Read the full case study to see how Trillium and CorVel were successful together.