March 15, 2015

Calling Compounds into Question


Compounds are a hot topic in workers’ compensation and they are becoming an increasing percentage of pharmacy spend. In order to combat the drastic sticker shock of these specialty medications, CorVel believes safety and necessity must be considered in order to effectively regulate their usage for workers’ compensation programs.

CorVel’s latest whitepaper discusses all things compounds, including the high cost associated with specialty medications, the issues of determining safety and necessity, relevant legislation and the challenge of identifying compounds.

CorVel has developed a prospective management model to ensure all stakeholders are aware that a compound has been prescribed and that proper documentation has been received indicating the compound is medically necessary considering patient safety, while also minding payors’ out-of-pocket costs. Remembering the end goal of providing safe, effective treatment to injured workers, compounds must be regulated out of interest of the patient and their employer.

To read more about compounds, download CorVel’s compound pharmacy whitepaper.