December 29, 2016

Bringing Back House Calls

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A new start-up app called Heal is bringing house calls to the on-demand era. And people are buying into the idea – big time.

Heal aims to eliminate wasted time and money in healthcare, and has seen $55 million in funding since last June, with the most recent activity being a $15 million investment from Fidelity Management and Research, according to the company’s press release.

The app and website connect patients with physicians by allowing patients to use the app to request a doctor to treat them within their household. Available services include treatment for sickness, injuries, a regular physical, flu shots and other needs. The service comes at the rate of a $99 flat fee, and can accept insurance co-pays for customers with certain insurance carriers, with hopes of accepting Medicare by the end of the year.

Since launching in California over a year ago, Heal has hired 60 doctors and has completed 11,500 patient visits.

Physicians working for Heal are part of the company’s medical corporation, while some are long-term contractors. According to a recent Mashable article, Heal physicians are three to seven years into their practice and are attracted to the company’s flexibility in hours, as well as their “less hectic approach to primary care.”

Heal is yet another service delivery option for the digital age. And as they seek to offer innovative, convenient solutions within the group health marketplace, CorVel is doing the same for the comp world. CorVel sees opportunities with this “convenient care” service model including enabling injured workers to request nurses to visit them at their homes, and on-demand, on-location drug testing.

In regards to their network service delivery, there are endless possibilities for CorVel’s ancillary network including facilitating delivery of Durable Medical Equipment, translation and transportation services and much more.

CorVel has already become one of the frontrunners for telehealth within the workers’ compensation industry by incorporating it into their service offering. Just as telehealth has entered workers’ compensation, CorVel is interested in this alternative perspective and whether the future will see on-demand house calls incorporated into the marketplace.

To learn more about telehealth, visit CorVel’s website.