June 01, 2017

Big Lawsuit for Big Pharma

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On Wednesday, the state of Ohio filed a lawsuit against Big Pharma and five of the biggest prescription painkiller manufacturers, citing that by downplaying the harmful risks of using narcotics like OxyContin and Percocet, they contributed to the cause of the opioid epidemic.

This is not the first time someone has tried to wage judicial war on the pharmaceutical industry. Just this year alone, the Cherokee Nation filed a lawsuit against Big Pharma over opioids, Rockford, Illinois sued over drug pricing, and two California counties sued for Big Pharma’s “campaign of deception.”

In the latest case, which is only the second suit filed by a state, the state has accused Big Pharma of “borrowing a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook,” by minimizing risks of addiction and therefore causing the state’s residents to become addicted to pain medications.

By downplaying the risks, Attorney General Mike DeWine said drug manufacturers have created a cycle of dependency and a growing population of patients who must “turn to the streets to buy prescription opioids or even heroin,” when they can no longer get opioids.

In response, some of the five pharmaceutical companies targeted by the lawsuit have responded to the press. Janssen Pharmaceuticals said the lawsuit is “both legally and factually unfounded.”

To read more about the lawsuit and why Ohio says five drug companies are fueling the opioid epidemic, read the article in its entirety.