July 27, 2016

Back to Work, Back to Savings

Claims Management
, Cost Containment

With industry statistics reporting that only 50% of employees go back to work after 6 months of lost time and only 5% go back after 1 year, getting injured employees back to work can seem (or feel) like an uphill battle.

However, with the right strategy, success for both employees and employers is attainable.

By partnering with CorVel and assigning a Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator, FOJP Service Corporation, a large risk management organization serving hospitals, long-term care facilities, and social service agencies, and achieved significant results – on average, injured employees returned to the workplace 23 days sooner than before.

Serving as an extension of employers, CorVel’s RTW Coordinators help execute strategies that return employees to the workplace, including developing transitional task banks that hold detailed descriptions of duties broken out from FOJP jobs. These task banks enable Coordinators to match temporary assignments to an employee’s current capabilities.

With CorVel and FOJP's program, on average, injured employees returned to the workplace 23 days sooner. Read one of FOJP's success stories about how an injured worker returned to her pre-injury role in less than 60 days.