February 10, 2015

A New Model for Physical Therapy

Patient Management
, Cost Containment

The traditional model of physical therapy – prescribing a designated number of visits – can often unintentionally result in prolonged treatment and result in excessive spend. Overutilization and treating unrelated pain can sometimes drive more visits than the original injury actually required.

These factors can perpetuate patients’ misguided perceptions of pain, including blurring the distinction between objective (good) pain and subjective (bad) pain, which ultimately limits the capacity in which physical therapy can be successful.

By educating the patient on how to identify objective pain and manage subjective pain, an injured employee can return to work through a course of treatment managed by multiple touch points. With patient buy-in, physical therapists can lead injured workers to maximum medical improvement (MMI) prior to completion of the original physical therapy script, saving employees time and their employers’ money. By identifying and overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional model, injured workers can achieve MMI and return to work with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

To read more about the different types of pain and CorVel’s innovative model, download our Physical Therapy Whitepaper.