CorVel Corporation was founded in 1987 through the merger of three small vocational rehabilitation firms. With a firm financial foundation, we began our fast track to growth. Our company proceeded with the conviction that local service backed by innovative information management systems could create a successful healthcare management enterprise.

We offer a unique approach for workers' compensation, health, liability and disability. We offer a comprehensive solution that proactively manages the entire episode of a claim. By incorporating a strong medical management component in claims management, CorVel is able to control the cost of claims more effectively than the traditional claims management model, saving customers time and money.

Throughout the years, we have enjoyed long relationships with many of the largest and most innovative payors in the nation. Using the expertise gained in those relationships, our entire client base is able to take advantage of the pooled insights of many of the leaders in the casualty insurance industry. CorVel helps reduce workers’ compensation costs through early intervention, medical treatment plans, return to work programs, medical bill review, preferred provider savings and patient management. Our managed care solutions are based on a simple formula. Combine state of the art bill review software, case management expertise and a national PPO built for the casualty market. Each cost containment innovation offers employers improved return to work outcomes and industry leading savings.

Today we are a national provider of healthcare management solutions to employers, insurance companies and government agencies. We are publicly traded (NASDAQ:CRVL) and annual revenues exceeded $519 million in FYE 2017. Our continued customer growth is a testament to our financial stability and our significant investments in new systems and technologies allow us to continue to deliver industry-leading solutions to the marketplace.